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Alexis Williams

Alexis Williams, Staff Writer

Alexis Williams is a junior at Combs High School. Her favorite bands are Matchbox 20 and Mayday Parade. Williams has three siblings, two of which she lives with. Along with her parents and siblings Williams lives with four dogs and a cat. Her father is a therapist and mother is a kindergarten teacher. She has a 3.8 GPA and is in Honors Algebra 2. Williams hopes to have a career as a Disney animator, she also wants to be a famous author.

Williams is in News Lab because she wants to expand her writing abilities. She hopes that this will significantly improve her skills and ideas. Williams loves News Lab and all of the people in it.

Williams enjoys reading books and writing her own. She can typically be found watching comedy, romance, or horror movies. When Williams isn't reading or writing books she could be found drawing and doodling in her sketch book.

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