Coyotes blanked by Apache Junction in Boys Soccer finale

A 3-0 loss to the Apache Junction Prospectors leaves the Boys Soccer team winless on the year and marks the eleventh time they were shutout in 15 games. 

 The last game of the season began by saying goodbye to all the senior players, the action quickly picked up as Combs played against a very aggressive Prospector team 

Many seniors find the loss a bittersweet ending to the season.

“It was my last high school soccer game ever,” senior co-captain Josh Brinkman said. “So it made me a little sad but it felt good to play my last game ever here on this field.”

Even though the boys have been struggling  to get a win, some think that Thursday’s game had the chance to end up with the Coyotes on the winning side of the boxscore.

“We should’ve come out with a W, this team wasn’t very good, we’ve played way better teams, so we should’ve come out stronger than we did,” Brinkman said.

 Players returning for next season hold their heads and hopes high that this season’s struggles won’t carry over into the 17-18 season.

“I was hoping for a win but you know, it happens,” sophomore defender Antonio Martinez said. “We went up a division and it was hard for us. Maybe next season we’ll actually be able to get a win.”

While it’s typical for players to get aggressive during a tough game, the match against AJ took a surprising turn in the final minutes.

“It was pretty aggressive team, there was a lot of shoving, pushing, and then one kid got mad and started shoving Antonio and the kid just swung on him,” senior defender Adrian Piskorski said.

In the last minute of the game, a fight broke out on the field as an A.J. player punched Martinez in the face.

“I was going after the ball, that’s what you’re supposed to do in soccer,” Martinez said. “I shoved him from behind and he got mad, so he shoved me back and we exchanged words and he took a cheap shot on me.”

The players believe there were things that could’ve been done to prevent the fight.

“The refs weren’t calling anything so it just kept progressing in aggressiveness and it broke out at the end,”  junior midfielder Douglas Geng said.

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