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Incoming freshmen Kaylee Seymour smiles as her and the other incomming freshmen walk through the band and stucco members into the gym.

8th Grade Visit

Jasmine Giomi January 24, 2022

First Year Teachers Take Control Of Covid

Hope Moore, Assignment Editor May 21, 2021

When the first day of school arrived it all looked a little different. Instead of racing to class after hearing the school bells ring, students and teachers opened their laptop to the same familiar page...

Do U.S Schools Start too Early?

Lilly Threlkeld, Managing Editor May 6, 2021

It’s no secret that most students in the United States don’t get enough sleep, with most schools starting before 8:30 a.m. and kids trying to keep up with things like homework, extracurricular activities,...

The Other Side: The Struggles of Virtual Teaching

Naina Parshotam, Staff Writer May 6, 2021

After adjusting the angle of the camera one final time, Andrea Dales stood behind her desk positioned in the view of both virtual and in-person students. Today was a Multiple Choice Monday— students...

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“I feel forgotten,” The Struggles of Virtual Learning

Naina Parshotam, Staff Writer February 4, 2021

“I feel forgotten.” Confined to her bedroom, the walls of her home became a cage. A well furnished one, with access to a constant supply of food and warm clothing, but a cage nonetheless. With the...

District Changes cause Stress Among Students and Staff

District Changes cause Stress Among Students and Staff

Jasmine Giomi, Director of Staff Relations December 4, 2020

Members of Combs high school have been impacted by stress due to the constant changes during COVID-19, with wearing masks in person and online not interacting and having any motivation. As COVID-19...

Does Your District Meet the Metrics?

Does Your District Meet the Metrics?

Naina Parshotam, Staff Writer August 26, 2020

With the threat of COVID-19 infection lurking behind students’ shoulders like a criminal on a neighborhood watch sign; parents and educational leaders are asked to turn to the Arizona Department of Health...

Seniors Chad Moyes and Cameron Ricks march down Germann Road holding a sign that implies they have forgotten how to spell because of virtual learning. Community members marched from Combs High School to the J. O. Combs Unified School District Office in protest of the decision to cancel school due to more than 100 staff calling in sick over safety concerns related to COVID-19.

The Debate to Re-Open JOCUSD Schools Marches On

Quinton Kendall, Staff Writer August 18, 2020

Students and parents gathered at Combs High School Monday morning to protest the delay of on-campus learning and to support the teachers who agreed to teach. Teachers across the district called out...

Return to Campus Learning Comes to Screeching Halt

Return to Campus Learning Comes to Screeching Halt

Lilly Threlkeld, Staff Writer August 15, 2020

Students will have to wait a little longer to return to campus after more than 100 district employees called off work due to concerns about the ability of the schools to follow the district approved pandemic...

Back to School Part 2: In-Person Classes Resume Monday

Back to School Part 2: In-Person Classes Resume Monday

Jasmine Giomi, Staff Writer August 14, 2020

The J.O Combs School District will be allowing students that choose to attend on campus learning, to come back onto school grounds on Monday, August 17. The JOCUSD Governing Board decided in a 3-2 vote...

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