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New Consequences of Texting and Driving

Lilly Threlkeld, Managing Editor May 6, 2021

  Being on your phone while driving, something that everyone knows is unsafe, yet while on a five minute drive you can find countless on it. Well, as of the new year in Arizona you can get pulled over...

Java Edition is Getting a New Home

Anthony Elrod, Web Master December 4, 2020

Mojang is requiring all Java edition Players to migrate their Mojang account to a Microsoft Account, starting early 2021. Attention all Java Edition users, Mojang has some news for you. Starting early...

Among Us, We’re All Sus

Among Us, We’re All Sus

Naina Parshotam, Staff Writer November 13, 2020

A popular online game has swept over campus pulling in players from every age and grade. The multiplayer “social deduction” game Among Us, made popular by Twitch streamers, involves users taking the...

AzMerit Switches to “Revised” AzM2

Lilly Threlkeld, Managing Editor March 6, 2020

   This year Arizona school’s standardized test Azmerit is going to be having some changes that students may not be aware of.    Since the test became apart of the curriculum in 2015 students grades...

A robotic shelf scanner moves along an aisle at a North Richland Hills Walmart

Could Walmart Robots Take Jobs From Teens?

Anthony Elrod, Staff Writer January 14, 2020

“Think R2D2 or Optimus Prime,” Walmart said in a press release. What about the jobs? Walmart superstores have made a change to their workforce, according to the news outlet, BigThink, “Walmart...

Various social media platforms are used around the world.

Social Media: The Double Edged Sword

Velvet Wahl and Alex Negron April 25, 2018

From MySpace to Twitter, social media platforms have been a way for people to express themselves. Whether it’s to keep in touch with family members or to share things with friends, majority of teenagers...

Net Neutrality will Not Only Affect Personal Lives, but School as Well

Net Neutrality will Not Only Affect Personal Lives, but School as Well

Alex Negron, Staff Writer December 13, 2017

Net neutrality is a principle that states people have the right to communicate freely online and that internet service providers can’t interfere with internet speeds or the sites someone has access to...

Mr. Millers classroom in the upper 500 building

Mobile Home Page

March 23, 2017

Nintendo releases new console called the Switch.

Nintendo “Switching” Up Gaming with it’s New Portable Console

Caleb Scott, Staff Writer February 8, 2017

First announced in March of 2015, the Nintendo NX, now renamed the Switch, is the newest console produced by Nintendo and said to be released on March 3, 2017. This new console, also like the 3Ds,...

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