Two Wheels are Just as Good as Four


Madison Lamb, Editor-in-Chief

   Riding around the United States and Western Europe, Syndicate bike club is supported and well known all around the world.

Joining Syndicate is like joining a new family to the members, and no matter what they all have each others backs.

   “These guys have been there for me and make me feel like I’m a sister,” Michelle Lynn said.

   Before getting initiated as a real member of Syndicate, members are considered ‘prospects’ and are required to help with loading and unloading all the bikes from the trucks, blocking traffic, and taking shifts watching the bikes while others are get food drinks for the team

After being a prospect for a year, the club votes to make the prospect a new member. If voted in they then get their patch that is sewn onto a vest.

   “I got patched in and all the respect and love I got from everyone was amazing,” Vice President Dustin Molina.

   Syndicate is not only based in Arizona, they have chapters across the globe that were inspired by Vasquez.

   “I wanted to start Syndicate in Iowa a month after Frankie started it,” Jay Hope said. “I had a good feeling on its values and direction.”

   The members in Syndicate have custom made bikes that resemble their interests and their personalities.

The parade of bikes riding down the streets are what grabs the public’s attention. Having people stop and stare is a typical riding day for them.

   “It’s about good people on cool bikes,” Hope said, “It’s about respect and community. I will be buried with my cut for these reasons.”

   All bike clubs across the country  are invited to an event called One Big Club, where attendees can enter their bikes to compete to bike parts, patches and even a new bike.

   “My favorite moment is being with them [Syndicate] at OBC,” Vasquez said.

   Syndicate has also come together with other bike clubs around Arizona and donated toys to Sunshine Acres Children’s Home. They donated toys and personal care to the home and even got a letter back expressing how appreciative they were for the help.

   “We are grateful for your wonderful gift of toys, clothes, and personal hygiene products for children that have suffered before coming to us,” CEO Carol L. Whitworth said, “Your gift helps make it possible for our children to enjoy the life every child deserves.”

   This club means a lot to the members, without this club many of the current members would have never even thought of riding bikes around.

   “I’d probably be doing the same thing I used to, just going out,” Lynn said.

   The club, as any other, has their arguments and their fun but by the end of the day nobody regrets joining.

   “To this day without a doubt, I have no regrets on black n’ yellow,” Hope said.