Goalie signs to Southern Virginia University

Jasmine Giomi, Director of Staff Relations

After more than six years of playing soccer, Senior Brooklynn Larson signed with Southern Virginia University. 

After a year of change for Larson from a Defensive position and into the net as the goalkeeper she caught Southern Virginia’s attention academically and athletically. 

“I visited the school and applied and got accepted,” Larson said, “They looked into my record and I have worked with them to better myself as I work to go to the school i

n the fall.”

Larson has been on the  field her entire high school career, but the coyotes needed a goalie for the 21-22 season.

“I love both positions but I didn’t know till this year that  would be this good in the net,” Larson said. “I have had amazing help from my team this year trying to improve my skills in the net and on the field.”

She has been working with head coach Cassie Olson to work harder in order to take a chance and go to Southern Virginia.

“She came to me at the beginning of the season telling me about this amazing opportunity she had. I have coached her for the past three years and she is a hard worker,” Olson said. “I am so excited to see her sign these papers to make this next commitment.”

As well as Olson, Larson’s family was excited to see her sign the papers to attend Southern Virginia because she was following her dreams.

“I am very proud of her. I have been able to watch her my whole life and she has been an amazing example to me.” Savannah Larson said.