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Imagine waking up one morning in the Helios Space Station, staring down at the moon Elpis. Next thing you know, you are peering into a portal that leads you to your friend’s house across the neighborhood. Life would be interesting if you were able to travel to different worlds in seconds. Caleb Scott, 15, is able to do just that with a single controller.

Scott is a full fledged gamer and enjoys playing everything from Skyrim to Pokemon, although MMORPG’s are his favorite. Someday, he hopes to be a video game designer but Scott also wants to be a videogame reporter. Currently, he has his sights set on being a “Youtuber” for the gaming community because he loves to game and entertain people.

Being a writer for the Combs Courier has it’s advantages as he gains experience on how to properly write a story and reviews, for his future career outlooks. Scott has a high academic standing, being in Honors Chemistry and Honors Algebra 2 as a sophomore, and wants to graduate with straight A’s to get into his college of choice, preferably in California. He has won many awards including Dean’s Honor Roll and has had perfect attendance for the past three school years.

Scott currently lives with his mother and stepfather, Tiffany and Brian, and his two sisters Abby and Dakoda. He also has two dogs named Patches and Frank respectively. Scott was also born in Gilbert, Arizona and moved to San Tan Valley in 2005, living here ever since.

At home, you can find him playing his favorite video games, Destiny and Borderlands the Pre-sequel. Scott also enjoys watching anime and he can tell you all about his favorite anime, The World God Only Knows. He hopes to become more active in the gaming community by going to comicon more often and cosplaying.

Caleb Scott, Staff Writer

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Caleb Scott