Coffee: It’s all in the caffeine


It’s been rumored that coffee stunts growth; although it’s never been proven, it doesn’t mean that coffee is full of nutritional benefits either.

Turns out, it’s the caffeine in coffee that has the drawbacks. Coffee has the highest caffeine content than any other drink (with 95 mg in every 8 fl oz) compared to a 12oz can of Mountain Dew (which has 54mg). As stated by, caffeine can cause an upset stomach because it raises the acid amount in your stomach. It’s also not a good thirst quencher, since caffeine is a diuretic. Consumption of a lot of caffeine could cause problems, so it’s not safe to drink more than two cups daily.  

As an adolescent, coffee does not necessarily stunt growth.

The body does not produce it’s own calcium, so calcium rich foods or drinks that are consumed are essential for the body. Calcium plays an important role in the body since 99 percent of it is contained in bones and teeth. Caffeine might have a slight effect on the body since it affects the body’s intake of calcium, although both young adults typically get enough calcium in their diet so it doesn’t cause bone loss.

It also provides a helpful stimulant for staying awake during school.

If consumed too much, it’ll cause a headache and also produce a tolerance if consumed on a daily basis, but if the consumption is suddenly stopped, it can also cause headaches. As stated by, caffeine centers around the nervous system and help students stay awake and more alert, though the link between the two is a bit complicated.

There might be many negatives due to the excess of caffeine, but as long as the consumption isn’t more than two cups, coffee has some benefits.

Many of the nutrients in coffee beans actually are in the drink itself, including Potassium and Magnesium, which are essential for the body. Along with the nutrients, it can also prevent diseases like diabetes and reduce the risk of strokes. According to, coffee has some key nutrients in it and it’s also the prominent source of antioxidants. Although the rumors may turn out to be false, it’s better to not drink too much.

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