Sharing the Same Lifestyle

Madison Lamb, Editor-in-Chief

It is not very often that a child and their parent decide to work together. Usually children want to do whatever they can to get away from their parents after they move out and become independent adults. Well that’s usually the case, but not for Michelle Guest and Kali Boone.

Guest and Boone have been working together since Boone entered Combs at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year. When a job became available Guest informed her daughter that this opening had occurred and her daughter jumped right for it.

“I wanted to teach high school and I had an elementary education degree,” Boone said, “When I was given the opportunity I figured I should jump for it, because I didn’t know if I’d get the opportunity again.”

The two had the same ordinary parent and child relationship, both having their days where they just wanted to rip each other’s heads off to when they are besties.

“My relationship with my mother was like any other teenage relationship with good and bad days,” Boone said.

They are still the same mother and daughter duo but their relationship has changed from family to coworkers. Growing into a relationship is something that every mother and daughter go through. 

I think we all grow and change over the years and we are closer now,” Guest said. 

Working with someone you’ve lived with for almost your whole life is comforting. It creates new opportunities for you to grow even closer than before and make new memories.

“I think it’s comfortable to have somebody to lean on and somebody to ask questions in a comfortable setting,” Boone said.

While Boone focused on being more comfortable in her environment with her mom, Guest loved the fact that she had someone to mess around with, especially her daughter.

“I like having her here,” Guest said, “We have been known to prank each other [which] is all I have to say!”