CHS Sophomore Finds Success Outside of Traditional High School Sports


Tyler Savage drifting on his practice run.

Jakob Ayoub, Staff Writer

 There’s always your normal sports such as basketball, football, soccer, etc. However there’s always the odd one out. That’s where ATV racing comes in, at which Tyler Savage excels.

 While this may be a seemingly easy sport, in reality it is one of the most demanding. Preparing for months prior to race season and endless practice sessions all for sore hands for days, shortness of breath, and legs turning into jello. Just one race can really take a toll on someone. 

  ”Oh, its super hard, after a race you can barely move, you’re out of breath,” Savage said. “You think it’s easy, and it’s not.”

Being in a competitive scenario, there’s a lot of training, time, and effort that gets poured directly into ATV racing. Everything from keeping your ATV serviced and race ready, to spending hours training and preparing for the next race. There is never a dull moment. 

With all that being said, not every race is won, and with every race lost, Savage is more driven to keep riding, and keep improving.

“When I lose a race, that feeling [of failure] is what motivates me to want to win,” Savage said. “Last season I got podium almost every race.”

Not only is ATV racing an extremely physically demanding sport, it is also an extremely dangerous sport. Crashing may seem as though there would be a low chance of happening and while that may be the case for some, crashing at such high speed can have major consequences like broken bones, head injuries, and any number of other ways to get seriously hurt. At the end of the day, it all becomes worth it for that indescribable feeling of finishing a race, win or loss, nothing can compare.

“My worst crash was at my first race,” Savage said. “I was 5th gear, pinned on a straight away. It was so dusty, there was a drop, I couldn’t see. I ended up going over the bars going probably 60 miles per hour, thankfully I was alright, and could finish the race.”








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