AzMerit Switches to “Revised” AzM2

Lilly Threlkeld, Managing Editor

   This year Arizona school’s standardized test Azmerit is going to be having some changes that students may not be aware of.

   Since the test became apart of the curriculum in 2015 students grades third through 12th  took it in order to track students progress and see see if they are on track for their grade level

   “AzMERIT is an annual statewide test that measures how students are performing in English language arts and math.” According to information published by Expect More Arizona, “The information from these tests will provide a constant, objective benchmark you can track over the course of your education.”

But this year the board of education made the decision to change the grades of Azmerit to third grade through eighth and 10th grade. Where it used to be third grade all the way through 12th.

Some students believe that this is a disadvantage to students who take classes like geometry as freshmen because they may forget the information that they learned previously.

“People who are in honors geometry as freshmen have to take the geometry Azmerit the year after they completed the course, so they may forget a few things and won’t get the score that they could have if they would have just taken it after they finished the course,” said CHS freshmen Cheyann Bottemiller.

Other students don’t really mind the fact that you only have to take the test once sophomore year because it cuts down the amount of standardised tests that you have to take for  the rest of your high school career.

“My friend and I were talking and at first I wasn’t all to happy with it but then my friend reminded me ‘ that it cuts down on the amount of tests that we have to take the rest of the time in high school,’” Cat Thomason said.