District Changes cause Stress Among Students and Staff


Jasmine Giomi, Director of Staff Relations

Members of Combs high school have been impacted by stress due to the constant changes during COVID-19, with wearing masks in person and online not interacting and having any motivation.

As COVID-19 has impacted students with stress and a lot of emotion Freshman Dianna Soriano has been struggling with the impact in her everyday life. 

“I haven’t had much free time. I would take that free time to do activities I enjoyed, such as hobbies and spending time with my family and friends,” Soriano said, “Not being able to do that has brought down my overall emotional state.”

When we were reverting from online to in person a lot of people struggled with online school, failing their classes, feeling like they are not grasping the learning process, and having no motivation to get up in the morning to go to a computer, in a room by yourself. Sophomore Jada Rivera has had trouble with these changes.

“Sometimes you’re not prepared for what happens next. It really throws some people off,  and for others it doesn’t bother them. Personally it threw me off guard” Rivera said, “I was on track and before we knew it we were back online and it felt like I hit ground zero.”

Teachers have a different aspect of the stress or struggle they have been dealing with, new teachers having little time to figure out their “routine”, using the swivl, and not being able to have the experience with all the students. 

“What’s difficult is having relationships with the students online. Normally you get here and we start to build a relationship from day one,” Chemistry teacher TJ Harris said. “That’s what makes a big difference is how the students react with each other. Just by me knowing more about you guys, and you guys knowing about me. That’s the most important part is not being able to build relationships in the beginning of the year,” Harris said, “I like to interact with my students and its hard when they dont turn on their camera and don’t interact as much.”

Emotions play a big role in this pandemic with trying to keep a positive attitude, Dance teacher Andrea Downing is feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up with her math and dance classes.

“We are all tired, it’s hard to stay positive when you just have to make it to the next thing, or the next break. I know everyone is nervous about everything and how it affects everything going on. Lots of questions are in the air that nobody can answer,” Downing said, “It’s definitely difficult teaching this year.” 

As students nervously wait to see what happens next, mental health issues starts to expand and take place.

“All I want is for everything to calm down, so much uncertainty and stress has decreased my mood. Due to the stress I have small panic attacks and moments where my mind is no longer a safe place to inhabit, with all of the darkness and uncertainty.” Soriano said.