Coyotes Gather To Pay Respect To Fallen Classmate

Hundreds attend candlelight vigil in memory of Kyle Flake Wednesday night.

In a time of great loss, people look for an answer, for closure…for a brighter side.

More than 100 CHS students, family, friends and community members stood united in the main parking lot of Combs High School Wednesday night, hours after the news that senior Kyle Flake had died from injuries related to car accident that happened the previous weekend. The pain, still fresh in the hearts and minds of students, could be seen on the faces of attendees under the glow of candles burning in Flake’s honor. Though the night was emotional, it was a place of respite for some. For others is offered the chance to mourn together and support one another. 

 “Everyone was severely upset and just wanted to be there for each other,” junior Addison Craig said.

Along with the candles, flowers, balloons, gifts, and notes for the grieving Flake family lined the sidewalk adjacent to the school’s entrance. People also wore green and #40 (Flake’s football jersey number) as a way to pay their respects. The vigil was silent as people said their goodbyes to the young man gone too soon.

“I feel like, everyone would agree that he was the type of kid that definitely deserved more and that this [life] wasn’t enough for him,” senior Kyla Pena said. “He had a whole life ahead of him and everyone just wanted to see him succeed because he was that guy, everyone loved Kyle. No one would’ve ever thought this would happen to him because he was a very deserving kid.”

The silent vigil, briefly broken by speeches given by those who were close to Flake shed light on his character, memory and the legacy of a selfless young man who became an organ donor less than five months ago. The family was notified that his decision could assist in the lives of as many as 17 people. 

“Brother Allen explained to everyone how Kyle lived on through 17 different people,” Pena said. “Which really impacts knowing that a little piece of greatness is going into 17 people who really need it.”

Along with Brother Allen, Flake’s father spoke about honoring the memory of his son who had passed only hours before.

“He was telling us how he wanted Kyle to be remembered and how he was such a great guy, and to just be positive all the time and keep everyone happy,” Craig said.

The speeches, while difficult for some to hear, helped others get closure during such a difficult time.

“They wanted us to remember the good things, to try and make an impact on the people around us, to stop any rumors that were being said, to just make sure that he was remembered in a positive way,” said sophomore, Maquoi Stolba.

As students arrived to school Thursday morning, candles lit the night before were still burning bright paying homage to their classmate gone too soon.

A account has been established money to assist the Flake family with medical and funeral expenses. If you would like to donate, please visit Kyle Flake Memorial Fund. Additional fundraising events are being held over the next week. All proceeds go to the Flake family.


  • A student sponsored yard sale will be at 703 E Volk Lane in the Taylor Ranch development from 6 a.m. – 2 p.m.
  • The football team is holding a car wash will be held at the Big O tires on Ocotillo and Ironwood beginning at 7 a.m.

Thursday, May 11:

  • The dance team will be holding a camp for children five and older from 3-5:30 p.m. Registration is $10, email [email protected] for more information.
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