Winter Sports Athletes Devastated as Their Season Gets Postponed

Jasmine Giomi, Director of Staff Relations

The AIA officially postponed Winter sports competition on November 11 until January 5 2021

There are some guidelines everyone must follow once we approach the competition in January 2021.

“Schools must have a minimum of 14 days of practice before any competition can begin. The start of the competition season will depend on the following measures,” An Article posted by Azpreps365 said, “If a student-athlete participates with a non-school team/group, that student-athlete is excluded from practice and competition with the school team for 14 days since the last practice or competition of the non-school team/group.”

Athletes have been waiting for the upcoming season of soccer, basketball and wrestling and to hear that competition has been postponed leaves athletes devastated.

“This affects the season a lot, last year we had 60 matches total and this year we will be lucky to get 10,” Varsity Wrestler Cody Owen said, “It makes a big difference with how you perform and how you are ranked. Hopefully they push the season back to march.”

Soccer players get ready to take the field but they run into some complications, having to move to the back field because of football. Problems for soccer players were original just getting small injuries during practice and now its competition getting postponed.

“We all waited for the season to start up again but there were always doubts about us being able to play because of what was happening,” Varsity girls soccer player Brook Lason said, “Some pros about it being postponed is that it gives students the chance to get better at the sport. Cons would be to not play competition in the sports that those students love.”

The first year winter sports athletes in high school are upset from this delay in competition.

“I am sad about this being postponed because I want to play soccer and we have a lot of games crammed into january so we won’t have that much time to practice,” Varsity boys Soccer player Averie Kaser-Ruano said, “If practices get canceled I’m going to go to baseball practices and do club practices.”

Due to competition being canceled everyone is affected, but not as much as Seniors are.

“In the back of my mind I was expecting all this to happen but now we can’t do much about it since it’s happened,” Varsity boy basketball player Isaac Lujan said “If practices got canceled I would be sad because I would be missing out on my Senior year.”

Everyone has been working hard but Junior girls Basketball player Acacia Melvin has a goal for this season.

“I am really looking forward to trying to win regionals since last year we were so close but we let it slip through our fingers and I’m hoping this year we can get it back,” Melvin said, “We have been working really hard since the start of the season and I hope we still have the chance to get everything we have been working up to.”

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