When the Student Becomes the Teacher… Literally


Madison Lamb

Kali Guest helping her student further understand the material they are learning.

Madison Lamb, Editor-in-Chief

After graduation most seniors walk away from high school and never look back. But that’s not the case for Kali Guest.

Guest attended Queen Creek High School for her freshman year, but she never felt as if she had been welcomed at QCHS, and coming to CHS changed her whole high school experience and made her feel as if she belonged.

“I didn’t fit in at Queen Creek Highschool because it is an established school with established ‘cliques’ of people. If you didn’t grow up with them then they had no interest in including you,” Guest said, “But at Combs, I felt at home. There might have been ‘groups’ but they were flexible and students were expected to include everyone.”

Guest was apart of CHS’ graduating class of 2014 and is now a new geometry teacher here. This is Guests very first year of teaching all together and she has never been more ready for what has been thrown in her way so far in the school year.

“So far teaching here is exactly what I have expected, there are challenges, but it is truly rewarding,” Guest said, “I never dread coming into work.”

By spending time with her students on a daily basis she continues to learn more and more everyday she comes to work and as the school year goes on and her classes come and go she hopes to create more relationships and mutual respect with her classes.

Guest aims not just to help her students understand geometry but to also impact their life for a better future for them.

“I don’t care how I impact a student’s life, as long as it is in a positive way. I want to impact the way they think about the world and how to function in it. Guest said.

Guest was involved a lot throughout her years here at CHS and she believes that everyone should try to get involved during the high school experience just like she did.

“Get involved, and do as much as you possibly can,” Guest said, “Because after high school it’s all on your shoulders, but right now you can do as much as you want.”

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