When life throws a curveball, SWING!


Sweat drips from the girl’s face, you hear the clashing of the bat and the ball as the runner takes her base. The team cheers her on as the next batter steps up to the plate. Are you down for the game?

There are a few coaches that will be leading these practices. The new head coach for this year is coach Tyson Morales. There will also be Coach Walt Foster, Laura Workman. 

Tryouts for softball begin February 4th and wrap up on the 8th. However, pre-practices are being held Jan. 28 to the first of February. Everyone is welcome.

“If you have any confidence in yourself and you wanna try something different, come out to the softball program,” Morales said.

During pre-practices, Morales, along with all of the other Coaches, expect 100%. They want girls to be excited about being a part of the school and that have good energy.

“You have to be a good teammate,” Morales said.

The softball program strives for all three levels (Freshman, JV, V), so if you have good spirit and great team ethic, come on out to tryouts.

Never forget, “ONE team ONE dream!,”  said Samantha Breed.