The Battle for First Round of State Championship

Jasmine Giomi

 With a six game win streak and securing a spot for play-ins, the Lady Coyote soccer team went up against Seton Catholic Sentials to battle for a spot in state championships February 9.

The Coyotes have gone up against the Sentinels before during a freedom game at the beginning of the season. They fought long and hard during the first game but lost 0-3 with 22 saves by goalkeeper Brooklynn Larson and four shots on goal.

The first game against Seton wasn’t as high intensity. There was more of a sense of urgency in today’s game,” senior captain Ava Armstro ng said, “I was pumped when we got the rematch, I just wanted to see if our improvement would show against a team that is above average.”

During the game, Combs received two yellow cards within the first sixty minutes of the game. Midfielder Connie Chouinard received her second yellow card ending off her senior season with the goal she hoped to achieve.

I’m honestly proud of getting 2 yellow cards, these are the only ones I have ever had and I didn’t go out there attending to hurt anyone but it’s a contact sport, stuff like that will happen and that just means I was playing hard and really into the game,” Chouinard said.

Towards the end of the first half senior Savana Norton saved a ball from going into goal by sacrificing her head.

“My save felt super good, I am overall happy with the play and grateful we had the opportunity to perform in a playoff game,” Norton said.

 Brooklyn Larson stood strong in goal with 21 saves, one less save than their previous game against Seton Catholic. Armstrong had three shots on goal followed by two from defensive player Abby Rice and one from defensive player Savana  Norton. They had a strong defensive line with a total of 6 saves.

“I feel absolutely thrilled how hard we worked to make it this far. It’s incredible. I am just sad that it has to come to an end,” Rice said.

As the season came to a close, the Coyotes lost to Seton Catholic 0-5 during the play-in game. They still held their heads high with being 16-seed 4A Black Canyon regional champions for the first time since 2016.

“I feel amazing about being region champs, it’s senior year and I’m glad we get to end the season with being region champs,” senior captain Ashlynn Shields said, “We fought to be where we are right now and we should be more than proud. ”