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Alyona Horrocks

Alyona Marie Horrocks is a two year member for the Combs Courier. She wants her career to be either a photojournalist or an architect. After high school, she wants to attend Arizona State University.

Horrocks was born on May 13, 1999 in Pskov, Russia. She was five years old when she and her two siblings were adopted and came to Arizona. Alyona is the youngest of five siblings.

She has won the Happiest Camper Award in Sand Volleyball and AB Honor Roll from first grade to ninth grade. She has been a part of a book, math, art and library club. She has been apart of sand volleyball and track.

Some of Horrocks’ favorite things are socks, dinosaurs, her brother, and the state of South Carolina. She has 200 pairs of socks. Her favorite restaurant is Ihop, and her favorite foods are chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, and cheese sticks. Her hobbies include watching Netflix, eating, shopping, eating, sleeping, and swimming. Some day Horrocks wants to visit Jamaica and to go to her home country of Russia.

"I have the best Journalism teacher ever!!"

Alyona Horrocks, Staff Writer

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Alyona Horrocks