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Being in Honors Algebra 2 is not a very common place for a Sophomore to be. Jaime Casas, attending Combs High School, is wanting to further his career in being a computer engineer at the University of Oregon.

Growing up in Long Beach California, Casas used to love walking along the beach and enjoying a nice bike ride. However, moving to San Tan Valley two years ago, he now enjoys kickin' it on the soccer field in his free time. But when he’s not able to play soccer he’s enjoying his favorite video game, League of Legends.  

A middle child of three, Casas is living with his sister, Yesenia, his brothers, Juan and Jesus, and his mom, Luz. They enjoy going out and hanging out at the mall or going out to a restaurant to enjoy a nice family dinner.

A personal goal Casas has set for himself is to be able to pass his driver's test the first time around instead of having to retake it a second time like his siblings.

 Casas is now in his second year of Journalism.

"My favorite thing about Journalism is that we don't work as friends, we work as a family."

Jaime Casas, Staff Writer

Mar 29, 2017
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Jaime Casas