New Year of Wrestling

The winter sports season is in full swing, and the wrestling program is back and ready to make state again this year.

Coach Travis Miller has some high hopes for his Varsity team this year, especially after making it to state in previous years.

“To win a lot. I hope it’s similar to past seasons. We’ve had a lot of success,” Miller said.

Miller and the other coaches have been conditioning their kids to prepare them for this season. Miller said that he wishes to have a good running season.

“We have to work real hard before we do that,” Miller said.

A typical warm up for the wrestling kids consists of a mile jog and tumbling, such as round offs and backflips. The conditioning: weights and mat practice.

Freshman Taniela “Bubba” Taunima spoke about his wishes for the season.

“I hope to have a winning season,” Taunima said. “I’m really excited for this meet in general and having the opportunity to wrestle at my weight class.”

Miller explained that the wrestling program had always made state placers while they almost always made top 10 in the state.

Senior Isiah Jacobs, who currently is on Varsity, has a record of 101 wins to 27 losses, expressed what he was excited for and what his biggest worries were.

“Just to wrestle with the other guys and be able to teach the younger classmen and see them grow up as I grew up,” Jacobs said. “My worries are just not being heavy enough. Being in 220, a lot of them weigh 219 and I weigh the lightest at 208; and there are just great wrestlers out there.”

However, wrestling could be considered a more injury prone sport.

“The body can do amazing things, and pushing those limits shows that we can do great things,” Miller said.

The wrestling team has their first meet tonight at home for freshmen, JV, and Varsity, starting at four pm against Payson, Arcadia, and Camp Verde.

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