Monster Energy’s New Creations

Madison Lamb, Editor-in-Chief

Monster Energy has released a brand new series of flavors for their zero-sugar and juice monster lines.

Monster had released their juices Khaos, a citrusy flavor, and Papillon, a peach and nectarine flavor, together in 2005 but then were pulled from shelves everywhere due to the high amounts of propylene glycol; a viscous, colorless liquid, which is nearly odorless but possesses a faintly sweet taste. They were to return 15 years later revamped and revived. 

After getting rid of their Monster Khaos, they decided to change the flavor profile and rename it to Khaotic. The Khaotic design consists of graffiti drawn butterflies with visible paint drip, and the Papillon can has butterflies as well, in a way connecting the two together.

Monster has also released a new zero-sugar monster which they call, “Ultra Gold”. The look of the can is a solid gold with a great gatsby type design to it. The flavor profile for the Ultra Gold is what they call, “fruit of the gods”,which is the fruit pineapple.

A second zero-sugar Monster was also released along with the two juices, Khoatic and Papillion, this monster being called Ultra Watermelon, you can only guess what the flavor is, its watermelon if you didn’t know. The design of the can consists of a red color with a green top, the can is also littered with silver fireworks.

While Monster Energy is primarily known for their drinks and their flavors, if you’re a fan of certain extremists or musicians then you might recognize the Monster Energy logo on their instruments or uniform.

“We support the scene, our bands, our athletes and our fans. We back athletes so they can make a career out of their passion,” the Monster about us page said.

Monster is not just a company of people, it’s a company of people who enjoy what they love and support.

“Led by our athletes, musicians, employees, distributors and fans, Monster is… A LIFESTYLE IN A CAN!”