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Math Teacher Webster is a jack-of-all-trades

Emma Ferraro, Photography Editor

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  As a high school student you will think that you are the busiest person in the world.. What students often fail to realize is that teachers have their schedules overflowing with responsibilities like lesson planning, grading, advising clubs, coaching and finding time for their own families. Math teacher Amanda Webster is a prime example of a teacher that does it all.

  Webster is a veteran teacher who works with Algebra 1 and Honors Algebra 2 students. She was enticed to teach because of the seemingly family-friendly work calendar.

  “I decided to teach because my husband and I decided that this would be a great schedule to have when my kids are at school. That’s not true, ever.” Webster said.

  In addition to being a teacher, Webster is the girl’s varsity basketball coach.  

  “I love to be active, I definitely love to teach, and I love to coach,” Webster said. “[Coaching and teaching] is certainly hard to juggle, because I love my family and my school life.”

  As a teenager we think we can do it all. Most don’t like to accept help even when it is needed. As we grow older we begin to realize that receiving help doesn’t make us weak. It is eye opening to see that even the adults we look up to the most, are always willing to take an extra hand.

  “The cool thing about the math department is that we plan together. And so if someone has something going on in their lives, our co-workers pick us up and we say ‘Hey I’ve got this, I’ll do this for you’,” Webster said. “With basketball I have great  assistant coaches Mr. Schreel, Coach Carlson and Coach Moyes; they help me make sure that things are always taken care of.”

  As much as teenagers don’t like to ask for help, CHS students will always jump at the opportunity to help take care of someone in the community. Prank-it-Forward is an annual tradition at CHS led under Webster. Prank-it-Forward’s hold some of Webster’s favorite memories.

  “I love all of my prank-it-forwards. Every one of those moments when kids get to see all of their hard work that they built up to try to take care of someone in need,” Webster said.

  Webster loves what she does and hopes to leave a lasting impression on her school kids.

  “I love seeing those moments where the light goes on in kids. Where they figure it out. They figure out that what you’re telling them actually means something. And it doesn’t even have to be in the classroom, it can be on the court,” Webster said. “It’s those moments when kids realize that they’re learning something more than just how to dribble a ball, or how to do math.”


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Math Teacher Webster is a jack-of-all-trades