How One Educator Turned Teaching into Hands on Training


April Hernandez, Staff Writer

As a dedicated registered nurse and Medical professionsteacher, Ms. Susan Belshe is making a difference in people’s lives with her passion of healthcare and education.

Described as a motivated, compassionate, hard working member of our community committed to continual process and product improvement.

“My extensive background both in the healthcare field and in the educational field makes me unique,” Belshe said.

After various efforts to provide patient-centered care to our healthcare community, her actions were acknowledged. Banner Ironwood and Banner Goldfield presented her the Spirit of the Promise Award in the year 2016.

“Ms. Susan Belshe is truly a person that exemplifies the Banner Mission and portrays her passion for the medical field and patient experience by teaching and mentoring students every day,” Banner Ironwood & and Banner Goldfield Medical Center said.

In addition, Belshe has also received $31,400 in grants from different organizations that goes towards the program and helping students go to competitions as well as on field trips.

“Grant writing  has been an important part of this [program’s] development,” Belshe said.

Ms. Belshe is a registered nurse with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Nursing and has a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education.

“Education is the key to success. I am passionate about education, student success, and continually improving our program motivates me,” Belshe said.

As a clinical educator, she has been a trailblazer for the medical program here at CHS.

“I have had the privilege of developing the medical professional programs and  writing the program for the nursing assistants,” Belshe said.

Belshe’s opportunity to work with several healthcare agencies in securing clinical agreements for career training is a big help for students today.

This experience that Ms. Belshe has had is helping provide students with a realistic preview of what life will be like as a medical professional. It gives them a better understanding of facility operations and helps them determine their future goals after  high school.

“It was a challenging, yet an extremely rewarding process” Belshe said. “I am very proud of the students and the program at Combs High School.”

With the advancements made by Belshe’s determination and desire, more and more opportunities have been made available to those seeking not only medical knowledge but hands on training.

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