Graduation is Just Right Around the Corner

Jasmine Giomi, Staff Writer

   As sigh school ends for the senior class fear begins to sink in as they start to realize graduation is around the corner, and go move onto the next phase in their life.

They have had fun and they are ready to graduate but not so ready for starting their adult life.

“It’s been really chilly but at the same time very stressful, even though things are chilling out when it comes to leaving, it’s stressing out on trying to prepare for what comes next,”  senior photographer Kymber Miller said. “And making sure you have all of that figured out.”

What a lot of people are going to miss about high school is friends, teachers, or experiences here, but Rush Dancer Shanece McCoy is going to miss more than that.

“I’m going to miss all the dancers, obviously people enjoy their friends but when you are with people 24/7 there is this different connection that just happens,” McCoy said. “There is something definitely different about this team this year, and we have been through so much together. I’m gonna miss that one support system always there.”

While some seniors are nervous and some people don’t know how to feel about graduating and moving on.

“I’m torn. I’m super excited about moving onto the next chapter of my life, but at the same time there is a comfort of high school that is nerve racking to leave behind,” Valedictorian Shawn McDougal said

The basic responses for some student’s favorite part of high school are leaving, going to parties and just getting away from everything. Not everyone is as basic as that.

“My favorite part is the wait/anticipation. It was exciting through my senior year to prepare for graduation,” Varsity Basketball Player Emery Udall said, “Buying my cap and gown, going to the conference meeting being informed on what the procedure of graduation is. That wait has really been exciting to me, realizing how close it gets.

Some seniors are thinking about going to college to kick start their life.

“My plans after high school are going to a university for a year, either New Mexico State University or Brigham Young University Idaho,” Taylor Southwick said.“I have not decided my major yet. I am pretty sure I am going for a business management degree.”

Some seniors are going on summer trips, have a graduation party, or anything else you can think of but Southwick has a tradition for the last day of school.

“The day after graduation me and my friends are all going to the lake for a day and just spend the day waterskiing, wakeboarding and tubing. It’s tradition on the last day of school, going to the lake and just having fun.”

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