Freshman, Seniors Compare Beginning of High School to End

Hope Moore, Managing Editor

When thinking about high school, a lot of students expect the “High School Musical” experience when in reality it’s nothing of the sort. High school is stressful, chaotic, and very hard 0.3at times. However, when you have the right people to guide you through it, it becomes very enjoyable and worth the four years.

That does not mean each grade goes through the same things, take freshman and senior year for example. Although they are in the same spot in their year, the stress, fun, and expectations are all different.  

Each student has their own story and their own method to the madness that high school causes. For freshman, high school opens so many new doors for sports, clubs, and other experiences. They have the chance to set a reputation for themselves good or bad, make lifelong memories, and even new relationships. 

 “I am getting a lot closer with friends and I have found out who my real friends are, I also really like sports more than I thought I was going to,” freshman Taylor Beckstrom said. 

Beckstrom was shocked by how much she realized she enjoyed sports when she came into high school. She found a stronger love for track, soccer, and much more.

Before coming into high school every eighth grader hears about the freshman horror stories. They hear crazy things about how high school will be so difficult, how the upperclassmen bully the lowerclassmen, and of course the nightmare of walking into the wrong classroom on the first day. When in reality it is so much simpler and less chaotic.

“As an incoming freshman I was a little worried about the upperclassman bullying the freshman, but that doesn’t really happen,”  freshman Hunter Clare said, “It’s been good so far and it’s not as hard as everyone says.”

As for seniors, their lives are kind of crazy. Their last year of high school has finally arrived for them and stress levels start to run high half way through. Students strive to have the best last year and sometimes that causes more stress than the actual school work. 

“Senior year for me is definitely less stressful, I only have four classes and so I get to go home early. I am more stressed about knowing this is my last year and feeling like it has went by really quick,” senior Kailyn Aikens said.

As the years of high school flew by, the seniors realized it had changed them for the better. Those who were interviewed all in some way learned to grow outside of their shell. 

“I am definitely more extraverted, before I was super quiet,” senior Amon Seiter said.

“I feel like over the past four years i have matured, I have learned a lot of things, and I have learned to be more confident in myself and my choices,”  senior Daniela Contrearas said. 

Even though there are distinct differences, sports seem to bring lots of students together. 

“I am excited for this upcoming wrestling season, we have a good team, and I can’t wait to participate in my last wrestling season here,” said senior Shawn McDougal. 

“I am really excited for this upcoming sports season, it’s a very good environment, and the people you meet are great,” said Clare.

These are the years you can’t get back. 

“Stay on task, do your work, and enjoy your four years of high school, they go by faster than you think,” said Aikens.