Family Connections on Campus


Darian Vigneux, Staff Writer

   Most students come to high school to discover who they are for themselves outside of what they’ve always known. However for some students their family follows them to school everyday.

   The Johnsons’ are one of these unique families. Stacy Johnson teaches freshman English at Combs with a daughter, Tawny Johnson, and two nieces; Paige Jensen, and Jake Jensen who attend school here. Her husband, Ben Johnson also is one of the basketball coaches at Combs.

   “It’s hard to be a teacher as a mom,” said Stacy.

   But Stacy also knows when to put her teacher’s hat on. Stacy sees her relatives as students, but as her family first.

   “We see each other more at school”, says Paige.

   Stacy agrees with what her niece Paige says.

   “We’ve never spent this much quality time together.”, the bonding time isn’t the only advantage to having a mom as a teacher though. Tawny says, “It’s really nice knowing if I need anything, my mom is so close.” For the Johnson family, coming to campus together everyday is an advantage.

   The Moyes’ family is yet another influential Combs family. Leah Moyes started working here in 2013 as an aide in the science department then taught biology and chemistry later on.

   “You’d think you wouldn’t want to hang out together as much, but it was a lot of fun”, says Leah concerning spending time with her family during school. Her daughter, Taylor, began teaching English three years later, and Leah’s husband, Greg, began in 2017, which allowed for quite a bit of extra bonding time. All three taught together in 2018; that was Leah’s last year teaching before she became a substitute.

   “We’re a real close family” says Greg, “We love the Combs community”.

   Greg and Leah’s oldest son Ryan was even in the first graduating class of 2012, followed by their other son Alex in 2015, and Chad their youngest son is in the graduating class of 2021. Greg started the birthday lunch announcement trend, standing on a table in the lunchroom singing Chad happy birthday with the whole lunch room.

   “I have a bond with my family that can’t be broken,” Chad said.

   The entire family is loving, and very close to one another on and off campus.

   “I feel going to work/school with my family definitely strengthens our relationship. There are so many things in the world today that pulls our attention away from what matters most so it’s nice to see each other often and know what’s going on in our lives.”, says Taylor.

   The Moyes’ family is an essential part of the Combs community, and their family stands as a role model for anyone at the school.

   The Miller brothers, Zach Robinson and Travis Miller, are a Combs family as well. Travis is the honors and AP Spanish teacher and Zach is a student at Combs.