Early Childhood Ed. Provides Daycare Option for Community

Madison Hahn, Staff Writer

Early Childhood Education, a CTE course, has started a free daycare for preschool age children. The class is supervised by Alice Goodrick, but is run by the students who are enrolled in the class. 

Goodrick started this as a way to benefit both her own students, and children within the area. 

“The students are learning what preschoolers are like, and how to run a preschool room,” Goodrick said. “The preschoolers are learning what a preschool is like, procedures of sharing, learning to get along with other kids, and learning to follow directions of other adults.” 

One of Goodrick’s students, Katrina Pellum, also feels the effect of the preschoolers. 

“They make me feel a little bit more responsible,” said Pellum, “like I want to be there and help.”

Goodrick said that over the five week program, and having a child come in every Friday of each week, that a parent would be saving around $625 total. CHS dance teacher, Andrea Downing has two children that she brings into the preschool on each Friday it is run. 

“Well for my two kids, one of them is about 25 dollars a day, and the other is about 40 a day.” Downing said. “So every time I was able to bring them, I was able to save about $65 to $75 depending on what was going on that day.” 

Goodrick said there are a few requirements for each child to meet before entering; which are that the kid be 3 to 5 years of age, and the child has to be potty trained. 

The next dates for the daycare are every Friday starting January 17 through February 14.  

The students did not expect the amount of pressure they ended up receiving. For instance, Haylie Pignata said that the most difficult part of her job is saying “no” to the kids. But, Pignata says its all worth it because of the relationships she has developed. 

“Today, one of the kids was telling me that their mom worked at the high school.” Haylie said. “We bonded over this since the kid’s teacher is actually my english teacher, Ms. Wooton.” 

Along with all of these benefits, the center is advantageous to parents with multiple children in that age group. For example, children would now be able to share a learning space, and have the ability to hang out with their sibling for a few more hours than usual.  

“Since both of my children go to different schools regularly,” Downing said , “it was fun for them to spend time together in one space.”

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