Didn’t Expect to be Here

Mia Scott and Paetyn Kuntz

Not knowing what he wanted to be in his life, Dalton Vigness, tries doing something he never pictured himself being a teacher in his life. 

Vigness went into teaching expecting nothing less and nothing more than what it was. He’s been teaching for little over five years at Combs High School and loves the connections he makes with students. He thinks it’s really cool to know a student has at least one adult in their life that they can trust and know someone cares. 

Vigness never actually expected to end up being a teacher. He didn’t know what he wanted to do but teaching never came as something he thought he would love until he tried it. Vigness has a genuine personality, he’s an amazing coach and teacher, he seems to take pride in his job as a teacher and even though he never saw himself wanting to be a teacher he sure is a great one. 

  “I don’t really know, I don’t really have an answer to that. I don’t know why I wanted to be a teacher,” Vigness said.

Although Vigness didn’t know why he wanted to be a teacher, he did mention that he thought he would be good at it so he decided to give it a shot, not only does he teach freshmen and sophomore World History, he also coaches the JV basketball team and assistant to the varsity basketball team here at CHS. 

“ A day in the life of a JV coach is practice, planning, scouting the next teams coming up, watching film on how to get better in free throw percentages, a lot of other things and sleepless nights,” Vigness said. 

As we looked behind the scenes of Vigness’ life besides teaching he had mentioned he loves talking his dog to the dog park he also mentioned he has a bearded dragon named Wilma,  he’s been married to his wife for five years but they have been married for 11, together they have no kids. Vigness said, “I played a lot of sports and I was a very rambunctious kid. I did a lot of stupid stuff I shouldn’t have, but I never broke a bone in my body.” 

This came to us as a surprise, considering that Vigness had played multiple sports all his life. Vigness has only had one incident where he popped his thumb out of a socket at a basketball game but during half time, he popped it back in. and continued playing. 

“Loud, funny, outgoing, somewhat-creative, and caring,” Vigness said. 

With the five words to describe vigness,  He is right about these. He is a very caring  teacher even when kids dont deserve it,  he also  continuously makes learning more fun by making his students laugh and keeps them entertained. 

Teachers spend their weekends and freetime on grading, finding assignments and preparing for the next class. show more gratitude to those that further your education. 

They also have an interesting life beyond what the students know about them. Ask some questions, get nosy and get to know your teachers!