Combs’ New Tutors


Gordon Kok, Staff Writer

For most students, math is the hardest thing in the world besides waking up for school on a Monday. However, the Combs District has a new plan to tackle this issue.

They have recently enlisted the help of excelling students to offer tutoring services to all of their schools.

“We’ve had parents from the elementary schools, junior high and of some of the freshman approach us looking for tutors for their students,” Counselor Petersen said. “So, the next step was to look at our exceptional students who would like to earn a little extra money and who would be suited to help out some of these kids. We have a list of kids who are willing to tutor, which we can give out to parents if they are interested.”

The student tutors are composed of primarily calculus students that have mastery over subjects such as Algebra I and II as well as Geometry and Pre-Calculus. As such, through these student tutors, the District hopes to help academic struggles.

“We have a lot of students that struggle with math, it is not an easy subject,” Petersen said, “and that is for all grade levels. Math seems to be the one that really challenges our students.”

In addition to the benefits of being tutored, tutoring someone also brings about its own profits.

“We hope to gain, of course, better grades through the tutoring program, as well as give a chance for some students to earn some money,” Petersen said. “But more importantly, this will give students a chance to see if education is something they would like to look into and see if that can lead to a career.”

If any students are interested in learning more about this program or hiring a tutor for, schedule an appointment in the downstairs 500 building or email them here. Keep in mind, however, that payments for these services are to be discussed between the tutor and the

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