Child Development Hosts a Daycare Program

The Combs Childhood Development class holds a child care event every year that is open to the community.

Child Development students take control of the daycare program.

“My advanced class actually plans the lessons. So they do lesson planning and learn how to set up the centers, the learning center in a preschool room,” Goodrick said. “The beginning classes get to learn how to interact with children, how to build the children’s self esteem.”

This opportunity provides students with experience needed for child centered careers while also teaching them how to properly interact with the children.

“I teach what to expect of a three year old, what to expect of a four year old. When you’re working with children, if you are expecting a three year old to act like a six year old you’re going to be very frustrated,” Goodrick said. “We talk about open ended questioning, so how to talk to a preschooler. Not just yes, no questions because a preschoolers going to give you yes, no, but ‘tell me about your picture’ so they get to talk because preschoolers love to talk.”

The next event will take place in the spring from Tuesday to Thursday in the afternoon and is open to three to five year olds. The date has yet to be set.


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