College and Career Night Helps Seniors Plan for the Future

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College and Career Night Helps Seniors Plan for the Future

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To help students and their families struggling with the stress and frustration of enrolling in college, CHS counselors hosted a college and career night in the courtyard for guidance.

“Our reason for throwing this event was pretty simple and straightforward,” CHS counselor Brandon Outcalt said. “We wanted to give an opportunity to our students and the community to learn about not only school after high school, but also other career avenues they can take as well.”

Multiple colleges were there from all around Arizona, like Benedictine, Carrington, and University of Arizona.

“I absolutely recommend college,” Outcalt said “I had a great experience once I figured out what I wanted to do as well as what I needed to do to reach that goal. College is a time where a person can find themselves and kind of their calling in life.”

Some of the college stands talked about financial aid and other ways for tuition to be paid.

Benedictine University and Carrington were there to promote their health care and caretaking classes, talking about the requirements to become a doctor. Some of which being not to have a have a history of involuntary twitching, and to keep focus.

University of Arizona was there to promote their investment skills classes. The representative also talked about how friendly the people on campus were when they signed up.

“As a Counseling Department, of course we encourage students to continue their education,” Outcalt said. “But we also know this is not the route every single student will take.”

Some military branches were there as well to promote their programs. The Army and The U.S Marine Corps representatives talked about what living on a post/base (posts are where soldiers are stationed for quick wartime responses) is like, travel opportunities, and health requirements to join.

Other colleges that were there were Southern Arizona University, Arizona State University, Mesa Community College, and Prescott College.

“College was certainly worth it. Although it wasn’t always easy and took a lot of time and effort. I truly think it does prepare you for your career after school,” Outcalt said. “I’m lucky enough to have landed in the career I wanted as well as in a great environment being a part of a great team.”

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