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Level Lockdown

Level Lockdown

Christian Tillard, Staff Writer

March 6, 2020

   Safety of students is a concern that all staff have when a lockdown occurs, but students having the same level of urgency is a concern. Drills should be taken seriously regardless of student opinion. “You know, lockdowns are called for various reasons,” Principal Chris Farabee said. “Not all ...

Girls Hoops Head Coach Mandi Webster Earns 100th Career Win Tuesday Night

Coach Mandi Webster receives her gift for becoming the third coach in school history to win 100 games.

Anjali Kok, Staff Writer

January 24, 2020

  In an instant the clock hit zero and a loud ring echoed through the gym. The scoreboard glowed with the 52-34 final as the Coyotes defeated the Washington Rams Tuesday night.  But it was an announcement by Bob Laliberte over the P.A. system that caused girls head coach Mandi Webster's ...

CHS Soccer Picks Up “Battle of Ironwood” Win v. Poston Butte

Varsity team beyond happy after beating Poston Butte

Trinity Glandon, Staff Writer

January 15, 2019

For the first time in since 2015 the varsity boys soccer team beat the Poston Butte Broncos. Games against Poston are part of at three-team rivalry between CHS, Poston Butte and Apache Junction. The game was a big deal for the team as head coach Oscar Guardado previously coached at PBHS for four ye...

Coyotes rally for _________ during walkout.

Coyotes rally for _________ during walkout.

Rachael Loughry, Managing Editor

February 23, 2018

Approximately 300 students from Combs High School walked away from their lunch and out of class on Wednesday to express their support for the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the 17 people killed in the Valentine’s Day shooting in Parkland, Florida. Gathering in a nearby parking...

Seniors Upset with Decision to not Include Senior Quotes in School Yearbook

Rachael Loughry, Managing Editor

December 18, 2017

Every school year, students prepare themselves for what their senior quotes are going to be in the yearbook.  Often times, there are a few students that slip innuendos or inappropriate jokes through the yearbook staff, that cause an uproar within the community. This school year, it was revealed that CHS s...

New Athletic Director

Velvet Wahl, Editor

May 11, 2017

With Athletic Director Jim Denton retiring, Combs found a new Athletic Director. A man by the name of Scot (yes, it’s spelled with only one T) Schmidt steps up to the challenge of taking Denton’s place. Schmidt comes from a background in education, having grown up in Wyoming then moving to Arizona and wo...

Coyotes Gather To Pay Respect To Fallen Classmate

Coyotes Gather To Pay Respect To Fallen Classmate

Alexis Williams, Staff Writer

May 5, 2017

In a time of great loss, people look for an answer, for closure...for a brighter side. More than 100 CHS students, family, friends and community members stood united in the main parking lot of Combs High School Wednesday night, hours after the news that senior Kyle Flake had died from injuries re...

Girls Soccer Wins Region Qualifies for State.

Forward Junior Macey Williamson (3) dribbles the ball away from a Washington defender during Tuesday's night 3-0 win.

Velvet Wahl, Editor

January 31, 2017

Big victories are hard won, and that’s just what the varsity Girl’s soccer team did against Washington 3-0 propelling them into the Arizona state playoffs. The Coyotes (7-4) played an aggressive game against the Rams (3-7-1) pushing the ball down the field and keeping it away from their goal. ...

CHS Students Get Certification

Senior, Carly Foster (middle) and other Med Profession students practice for their CPR certification.

Taylor Cochran, Staff Writer

September 22, 2016

Imagine you and your friend are eating lunch, having a good time, when suddenly they start choking. Panic sets in and you don’t know what to do, when out of nowhere, a student comes onto the scene and starts performing CPR, saving your friends life. “Getting CPR certified affected the way I ...

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