Eighth Graders Learn What It’s Like to be Apart of a Pack


Jasmine Giomi, Staff Writer

The start of a new year causes many people to thing about a New Year’s resolution, but that wasn’t necessarily the case for the eighth graders at Combs Middle School. They spent Wednesday, January 13 checking out the course offerings at CHS to help plan out their freshman schedule.

The group of prospective Coyotes visited the high school Wednesday morning for a short assembly where they listened to Principal Chris Farabee talk briefly about the school.  They looked a

t CTE classes like Tv and production, Digital communications and graphic design. They also looked at dance childhood education and fine arts. They arrived with nervous expression and excitement within their faces as they were welcomed to the High School. 

Some students enjoyed their visit to the high school.

“Seeing everything that were gonna be doing in the future is pretty awesome, and learning new things we can start doing,” Emma Bainter said. 

Some eighth graders have the “high school jitters” and are scared of highschool itself and some of the seniors, “bigger kids” and being bullied.

Laurene Shindeldecker, CMS social worker, believes that the staff has prepared the students enough to move on.

“We have been doing some classroom presentations, this year that we haven’t done in years past,” Shindeldecker said,” ”One of the things we did before coming here is to talk a little bit about thoughts and feelings about the experiences that they are going to have during the transitions to here on campus. 

Starting high school isn’t the only thing the eighth graders are excited about. They are also interested in clubs and sports. “I’m going to do track, soccer and volleyball,” Jordan Horton said. 

If you’re not an athlete, there are still other things you can do like clubs,

“I might take drama club, because I like acting and i think it’s fun.” Kyra Wampler said.

Student Council was excited to show the students around as tour guides and enjoyed their visit, like Stucco junior class president Jocelyn Mendoza.

“My favorite part was during lunch when the student council started having a little face off on which side of the lunch room could be louder,” Mendoza said, “Shouting one of our cheers and a lot of the eighth graders joined in to help us win.”

Some lower classmen won’t be as excited for the new arrival of students.

“I think they are going to be really annoying but at the same time I don’t really care,” Cadence Thornes said, “I am really glad my brothers are coming”

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