SPLIT Review

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The movie “SPLIT” came out on Jan. 20., directed by M. Night Shyamalan.  So far, the movie has made $77 million.  It had made over $40 million on its opening weekend.  

“SPLIT” is about a man, Kevin Crumb, who has 23 different personalities, and ends up kidnapping three teenage girls.  However, one of the girls understands how to handle him, and his many different personalities.

“This guy, Kevin, has multiple personalities.  Which, multiple personalities is always caused by something severe happening, causing a break in the mind,” said junior Alexis Williams.  “Basically, some of the personalities are into bad things that they shouldn’t be, and it resulted in him kidnapping three teenage girls.  They’re learning about his different personalities, and they’re trying to figure out how to escape him.”

Even though Kevin is said to have 23 different personalities, viewers only end up seeing four or five of them throughout the duration of the movie.

“I think the actor who played the bad guy [James McAvoy] portrayed the different characters really well.  He embodied them in a way that you could tell it was a different personality,” junior Velvet Wahl said.  “Not just by the different voices, but by how he acted.”

Recently, M. Night Shyamalan has only been known for directing some not so great movies, such as The Happening, which ended up making $30 million its opening weekend, After Earth, which made $27 million its opening weekend, and The Visit, which made $27 million its opening weekend.  This is said to be his first movie that he had directed well within a decade.

“I thought that it kept the story going really well,” Williams said  “There were a lot of jump scares, and a lot of funny points, so it was really good.”

Even though the movie is receiving positive feedback, there were a few scenes that were considered a bit bizarre.  

“I thought that some of the girls who got kidnapped were definitely not the brightest.  They were always doing things that got them in trouble,” Wahl said.  “I thought towards the end it got a little wonky.  They tried to take something impossible and tried to make it work.  They didn’t do too bad.  There were just some absurd scenes where it looked off.”

SPLIT is currently the No. 1 movie in America.  The movie definitely had a lot of twists and turns, much like every M. Night Shyamalan movie does.

“I think if you’re looking for an interesting movie to watch, and, you know you have the time, and you’re like,’Hey, I want a little bit of humor, but I also want to be on the edge of my seat,’ you should definitely go watch this movie,” Wahl said.



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