Seniors Upset with Decision to not Include Senior Quotes in School Yearbook

Every school year, students prepare themselves for what their senior quotes are going to be in the yearbook.  Often times, there are a few students that slip innuendos or inappropriate jokes through the yearbook staff, that cause an uproar within the community.

This school year, it was revealed that CHS seniors would not be allowed to have senior quotes in the yearbook.  This was decided upon by not only this year’s yearbook advisors, Brian Taylor and Paul Schreel, but by hundreds of other advisors from around the country during the Jostens Advisors University camp over the summer.  Because of this decision, many CHS seniors and alumni are furious.

“[Schreel] explained to me that it was more of a deal with seniors putting inappropriate quotes,” senior Yesenia Torres said.  “Right now though, NHS, who has more than 40 members, are more than willing to help the yearbook actually verify the quotes and make sure they’re alright.  So, I think it’s not a legitimate reason for excluding our quotes.”

Despite the reasons for not doing the senior quotes were released through a letter, sent out school-wide by Taylor, many students remained upset, disappointed, and angry.  

“Honestly, I hate it,” senior Jaime Casas said.  “Not only did previous years have senior quotes, they got to express whatever they wanted to say, as long as it was appropriate, obviously, in the yearbook.  Then just having them take it away this year, that feels kind of sucky.”

It was a surprise to many seniors that quotes were not being included in this years yearbook.

“At first I talked to Mr. Schreel about our quotes, how do we submit them, how is that gonna go down?  He said they were thinking about not doing them,” Torres said.  “I was really infuriated.  It’s something that we expect out of our senior year.”

There are some seniors that are not as upset with the lack of senior quotes though.

“ I feel like because they’re planning on doing a senior quote book, it’s gonna be okay,” senior Sydney Brown said. “We’ll still get the chance to have our senior quotes, it just won’t be included in the yearbook.”


Senior Quote Letter

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