Girls soccer fall to No. 14 Seton Catholic

Moral victories aren’t what athletes or coaches are hoping for when they take the field, but that’s exactly what the varsity girls soccer team came away with after a 5-1 defeat against the No. 14-ranked Seton Catholic Sentinels at home Tuesday night.

“We’ve never scored on this team in six or seven years of coaching here,” Coach Chris Azanger said. “We scored a goal today so that was good.”

A Coyotes goal late in the first half was the highlight of the game as the crowd erupted after the ball hit the back of the net.

“It was a beautiful goal. We crossed the ball to the weak side and then we crossed it back into the middle and we one timed it into the net,” Azanger said. “So it was a very good quality goal, it wasn’t a cheap goal that we didn’t deserve.”

Despite the perfectly timed goal, the Coyotes still had a hard time maintaining their composure for the entire game.

“We played really good the first half of the first half and we kind of let the wheels fall off and they started scoring. Then we played really well the first half of the second half and then the wheels kind of fell off again and let in a couple more goals,” Azanger said. “But overall it’s the best score we’ve ever had against that team so that’s the positive I look at.”

After the game Azanger expressed how much he was impressed with the level of the Sentinels play. 

“That team is phenomenal. They are really good at passing and moving and we weren’t prepared for that so defensively it’s hard to mimic that kind of a team in practice,” Azanger said. “It’s hard to work on that in a practice setting because we can’t move the ball like that. Defensively, figuring out anticipating where they’re going to go with the ball is what we need to work on.”

The Coyotes play on the road tonight against the Dysart Demons. Kickoff is at 6 p.m..

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