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From Life on the Dairy to Working in a Library

Andrew Ferraro and Emily Avila, Staff Writer's

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Living on a dairy farm in Oregon while it rained for almost nine months in a year with never-ending chores was very challenging for the young Anne Mattson. The farm she lived on was 75 acres. When Mattson wasn’t milking cows, she was feeding calves, cleaning stalls, moving irrigation pipes, fixing fences, baling hay or doing other repetitive tasks.

Mattson had grown up in an uneducated family. But somehow she still wanted to teach.

I grew up in a small, rural town where poverty was the normal. To me, the library not only promotes learning, it also provides possibilities,”Mattson said

 In 2015, Mattson came from Oregon and applied for the librarian position at Combs.

“Books have always provided me a safe haven and an ability to travel and experience adventures,” Mattson said.

 This is now her fourth year of working at CHS. Mattson had also taught PE at the middle school a year before coming to the high school.

She worked at Hewlett Packard for many years  but then had to leave due to having a set of twins with severe medical needs. In order to take care of her children she  could no longer maintain the hours and travel commitment required of her job.

“I tried to find an occupation that allowed me to spend the most time with my family while still being something I enjoyed…hence teaching,”  Mattson said.

The library is a spot for students to do research or read, but Mattson hopes  to make it more of a lounge so people can hangout with friends and play board games. “It would be great to utilize the space better by creating more of a lounge area. Having couches and board games available would make the library appeal to more students,” Mattson said. 

Before Mattson had moved to Arizona, she taught at a community college and high school. Before she left Oregon, she even had a business with her sister. Mattson has a Bachelor of Science, she also has a Master of Business Administration.

“I ended up going to college by pure happenstance, my friends were going, so I thought a teacher was an inadvertent result of starting my family,” Mattson said.

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From Life on the Dairy to Working in a Library