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Assembly during COVID becomes a success

Assembly during COVID becomes a success
Jasmine Giomi, Director of Staff Relations December 4, 2020

Friday morning, a small breeze blows in as you walk to the football field. The sound of music gets louder as you walk around the sports storage lockers to see the band sitting in one of the end zones playing...

Freshman, Seniors Compare Beginning of High School to End

Hope Moore, Managing Editor January 14, 2020

When thinking about high school, a lot of students expect the “High School Musical” experience when in reality it’s nothing of the sort. High school is stressful, chaotic, and very hard 0.3at times....

When the Student Becomes the Teacher… Literally

Kali Guest helping her student further understand the material they are learning.
Madison Lamb, Editor-in-Chief January 14, 2020

After graduation most seniors walk away from high school and never look back. But that’s not the case for Kali Guest. Guest attended Queen Creek High School for her freshman year, but she never felt...

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