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Hey guys, I’m Sydney Jensen! I am a junior at Combs High School and have been in the journalism program for two years. When I’m not at school (rarely), I watch a lot of Netflix, like a lot, like upwards of 20 entire T.V. shows a lot.

I love dogs and all other animals even though I’m allergic to literally all of them. I want to travel everywhere and photograph everything. I swallowed a quarter when I was six, but don’t worry I have made a full recovery.

I always try to be nice and polite. I like to think that I’m funny cause if I’m not, well then I don’t really have anything going for me. Just kidding, but I love hanging out with friends and making people laugh.

I am an all around weirdo and nerd. I love sci-fi and that feeling I get when I actually get a math question right.

I practically live at Harkins and lose all my money to them. I go at least twice a month so hit me up if you see me there.

Sydney Jensen, Staff Writer

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