Cougars Get Taste of Life as Coyotes

A new “pack” of freshmen will be welcomed to CHS next fall and to help get them ready, CMS eighth graders explored the halls of their future campus during the school day on Jan 14.

They took a tour of the high school to see the Career and Technical Education facilities, hear about clubs on campus and to get a feel of what it’s going to be like as a high school student. While many are scared, some are eager to be a high school student.

“I am actually really excited because my older sister goes here, and she says it’s a good school, so yeah I’m excited,” Eighth grader Rachael Peterson said.

Many soon-to-be freshman can get a little nervous when learning about all the new changes, especially when it comes to fitting in at high school. Lyndsey Threlkeld, an eighth grader is no exception.

“I guess it just comes with part of growing up and changing schools, you kinda fear that people won’t like you and you will become an outcast,” Threlkeld said.

With all of the anxiety surrounding the transition into high school, earning passing grades and the volume of assignments that are soon to come is high on their list of concerns.

“I’m scared that I will get distracted or fail, but I have confidence in myself,” Jasmine Giomi Said

Many of the upcoming students were expecting the campus to be more complex then it really is. Most of them imagined it as a place that they could easily get lost. 

“When I thought of high school I always imagined it as this gigantic place with twist and turns everywhere,” Threlkeld said. “Now that I have gotten the chance to get a tour of the campus I see that it is quite small which is always a good thing,”

Even though the eighth graders are pretty nervous to come to CHS the visit really helped them get over some of their fears, some current students are excited to see all the new faces and help the eighth graders face their fears, like Freshman Shae Watson.

“I think it will be great, I can meet new people, show them around, see what they are interested in, and maybe try new things with them,” Watson said.