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First Year Teachers Take Control Of Covid

Hope Moore, Assignment Editor May 21, 2021

When the first day of school arrived it all looked a little different. Instead of racing to class after hearing the school bells ring, students and teachers opened their laptop to the same familiar page...

Patricia Goolsby poses with the Combs Coyote located outside the principals office.

Welcoming a New Coyote to the High School Pack

Christian Tillard, Photo Editor May 6, 2021

Maybe you’ve seen her out on the courtyard during passing periods, while you’re at lunch, or in the classroom trying to learn about the school. Meet Dr. Patricia Goolsby, a dancer, a teacher, a mother,...

Taylor Swift Re-records Fearless

Taylor Swift Re-records Fearless

Lilly Threlkeld, Managing Editor May 6, 2021

“Love Story” by Taylor Swift, a song that most have jammed out to since it first came out in the fall of 2008 has been one of the best- selling singles of all time, and Friday night at midnight Swift...

Do American Schools Start too Early?

Lilly Threlkeld, Managing Editor May 6, 2021

It’s no secret that most students in the United States don’t get enough sleep, with most schools starting before 8:30 a.m. and kids trying to keep up with things like homework, extracurricular activities,...

Depression and Anxiety Kick Up in Teens

Depression and Anxiety Kick Up in Teens

Jasmine Giomi, Director of Staff Relations May 6, 2021

Your alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m as another school day rolls around. You turn off your alarm and look over the notifications that came overnight. The time slowly ticks by as you struggle to get out of bed...

Didn’t Expect to be Here

Mia Scott and Paetyn Kuntz May 6, 2021

Not knowing what he wanted to be in his life, Dalton Vigness, tries doing something he never pictured himself being a teacher in his life.  Vigness went into teaching expecting nothing less and nothing...

Belshe Retirement Story: The End of an Era

Hope Moore, Assignment Editor May 6, 2021

As the school year comes to an end, so does Susan Belshe’s last year of teaching. After an exciting 45 years of teaching it’s time for a drastic change. Belshe has taught for 45 years starting at...

Monster Energy’s New Creations

Madison Lamb, Editor-in-Chief May 6, 2021

Monster Energy has released a brand new series of flavors for their zero-sugar and juice monster lines. Monster had released their juices Khaos, a citrusy flavor, and Papillon, a peach and nectarine...

New Consequences of Texting and Driving

Lilly Threlkeld, Managing Editor May 6, 2021

  Being on your phone while driving, something that everyone knows is unsafe, yet while on a five minute drive you can find countless on it. Well, as of the new year in Arizona you can get pulled over...

The Other Side: The Struggles of Virtual Teaching

Naina Parshotam, Staff Writer May 6, 2021

After adjusting the angle of the camera one final time, Andrea Dales stood behind her desk positioned in the view of both virtual and in-person students. Today was a Multiple Choice Monday— students...

Sharing the Same Lifestyle

Madison Lamb, Editor-in-Chief May 6, 2021

It is not very often that a child and their parent decide to work together. Usually children want to do whatever they can to get away from their parents after they move out and become independent adults....

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