Behind the Scenes of Harvey

Combs Curtain Call is putting on their winter production “Harvey,” written by Mary Chase. From the rehearsals to the building of the set, a lot of work has been put into the production of this play.

Producing a play for any school or company takes dedication and preparation.

“One of the biggest roadblocks is managing all the moving parts,” Director Nicholas Smith said. “The other part is finding out exactly what kind of comedy it is. Is it a farce, is it romantic comedy, where exactly does it lie?”

Combs Curtain Call has been putting on productions in the library since 2014, due to the fact that Combs was not built with an auditorium. Assembling plays in the library would be a tough job for anyone. The libraries conditions are not ideal for putting on a play. The lighting, sound and seating opportunities are very limited.

“If you try to look for solutions instead of focusing on the problems you are usually surprised with the results,” Smith said.

With the limited space, help, and resources, Combs Curtain Call has to design and build their sets and seating ramps themselves.

“Building the set has been pretty good so far. Sometimes things don’t work [the way we want them to] and it’s stressful getting things done on the due date,” Student Technician, Daisy Chase said. “Some of the problems are just wrong measurements and wrong cutting, but everything is going really smoothly so far.”

The organized rehearsals between the actors and actresses are a very important part of turning the play into a success.

“The rehearsals are going great,” Smith said. “We had an extra week that I booked so the actors had the time to get to know their characters. How to find the comedy of the play, where are the laughs, where are the thoughtful moments, how do their characters move on stage, and how do they physically create these characters?”

With the preparations for “Harvey” taking over a month to complete, Combs Curtain Call is getting ready for their opening night tonight at 7 p.m. The two final showings are on Dec. 8 and Dec. 9. Come out tonight to the Combs library to see the work that was put into the final production of the year.